Uploading files

Please follow the steps and red circles to upload files

* You can use FTP client or Internet Browser to upload files by using
username (same as your cpanel)
Password (same as yor cpanel)

* Please remember cpanel username and password is different from you client area username and password.
* Common FTP clients are CuteFTP , FileZilla and there are many others available.
*Click on image to enlarge.

Step No :1
Login to your client area and click My Hosting Packages



Step No :2
Click View Details


Step No :3
Click on Login To Cpanel



Step No :4
Click on File Manager




For FTP clients

Step No: 1

If your using Internet Explorer or FTP client then login with your username password of cpanel by this link ftp://yourdomain.com

Step No :2
Click on www folder and upload files or image and if you upload files without clicking www folder your files will not be visible.





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